Real Estate Insolvencies



David has extensive experience representing every constituency in real estate restructurings and bankruptcies.


Namco Capital Group:

Namco was the investment vehicle of Ezri Namvar. At its peak, Namco’s real estate investment portfolio included partial or whole interests or joint ventures in approximately 80 to 100 entities holding real estate assets that were estimated to be worth more than $1 billion. David represented Namco when it was severely impacted by the 2007-08 real estate crash and then forced into bankruptcy.

2B Or Not 2B:

Through a LLC, two individuals owned an office building in Westwood, California. The individuals began to have serious disputes and could not agree on any decision regarding the property. While the property had substantial equity, the inability to operate the property resulted in a default to the secured lender and risk of a foreclosure. At the instruction of one of the members, David filed a chapter 11 for the LLC and over the objection of the other member was able to negotiate and consummate the sale of the property, thereby satisfying all claims and permitting a distribution of proceeds to the members.


LaundryMart was the developer and operator of approximately 26 combined-use retail micro-malls located throughout Los Angeles County. A sudden and dramatic increase in natural gas prices left the company with insufficient cash flow to service its leases and other obligations. During the chapter 11 case, David negotiated and consummated a sale of the company’s assets.

Granada Hills Community Hospital:

Representing a bankruptcy trustee for a 155-bed hospital located in Granada Hills, California, David helped negotiate and consummate the auction of the hospital’s real property and improvements.